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I’m a lover of all things salt, grease, and carbs and as you can probably guess, my not-so-guilty diet is also the main cause of my bloating — but I have a solution for that. Several nights a week, I whip up a simple ginger-peppermint tea (recipe here) about an hour after dinner and a couple hours before bed. Since both ingredients are fantastic digestive aids, I find this the perfect combination to help me wake up with a flat tummy. Plus, the soothing peppermint pairs nicely with my evening joint.

I find this tea to be especially helpful for feeling less bloated and heavy after a hefty meal. Again, I wait at least an hour after eating to avoid feeling even more full. It also doesn’t hurt that ginger adds a nice, warm flavor kick and helps cleanse the body of built-up free radicals, too. Keep in mind that just because I love this tea doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be effective for you, but I do suggest giving it a shot!

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