Most Effective Ways to Lose Belly Fat


If everything you’ve tried hasn’t helped you reach your lean-belly goals, we’ve asked four dietitians to share the most effective ways to reduce belly fat. While exercise can help burn calories and build lean muscle, you’ll get the most results if you take a hard look at your diet.

Seattle-based registered dietitian nutritionist and Arivale Coach Ginger Hultin, MS, CSO, and Vermont-based registered dietitian nutritionist Maddie Kinzly MS, LD, told POPSUGAR that while you can’t choose where on your body you gain (sorry boobs!) or lose fat, some people are more predisposed to holding weight in their bellies. “Much of this is driven by genetics, so you can look to your parents and other relatives to better understand the body shape that you naturally have and where you may deposit fat stores,” Hultin explained.

Although you can’t specifically tell your tummy to slim down on command, Kinzly said you can see reductions in your belly fat and other areas of your body when you lose weight overall. Here are the most effective eating tips to reduce belly fat.

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